same day crownsThe tooth is prepared in our Pretoria clinic in the same way that we would a traditional crown. Next, we take a 3D digital image of the tooth which you can then see right there on the flat screen next to the dental chair. The final design touches are then done on the new tooth, and the data is sent to the CEREC machine which creates the tooth out of ceramic material to the exact specifications. This process takes about six to ten minutes! The final step is to ensure that the crown matches the surrounding teeth in colour and the fit is exact.

What is the CEREC Machine?

At our Waterkloof office we have a band new CEREC system which allows us to design and generate porcelain crowns in a single visit. In a conventional crown procedure, the patient usually has to come in for two visits and require the patient to wear a temporary crown. With the CEREC machine we can provide patients at our clinic with a same-day results with less injections and drilling and no temporary crowns

What Are the Costs of Same Day Crowns With the CEREC Machine?

  • With a same day crown you only have to come in once for a single visit, and there are no temporary crowns.
  • Because we complete the crown procedure in a single visit, you only need one set of injections.
  • Temporary crowns often fall off because of their temporary nature, they aren’t meant to last forever. With a same day procedure there are no temporary crowns.
  • With the CEREC machine at our Pretoria dental studio the crown material is stronger, which means the crown will last you for many years.

CEREC Sandton